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Chick from Bates

realproof in oh_pblth

honey, I was faking it

*talking about some abbreviation or other*

maybe i just thought it was keysmash
maybe that's why i think you are sometimes flaily
yes clearly
well sometimes i fake the flail for you
*feels like she just told her lover she was faking orgasms*
i feel like you just told me you fake your orgasms
Cerri ‎(12:55): :D


*is still crushed and feels inadequate*
noooo. don't. it's not your fault. it's just not in me sometimes. and I didn't fake it all the time.
Oh sure, you say that now. *sighs*
baaaaaaaaaabes. *squnches*
pffft, I bet your squnching is faked too. *pouts*
i never fake squnching! who does that??? that's just wrong.
It's so wrong. also an interesting concept. How would one do it?

i'm not so sure. but one probably could find a way.

you know, i always feel, like you're screaming for Mischa Barton, when you do that
Well one could pretend to squnch and then pull away at the last second I suppose.

Oh god, why couldn't they have eaten HER? I'd have paid to see
yes, but then the other person would know about the non-squnching.

loooool. evil ^^
Well yes... hm... I guess one could squnch without really meaning it.. but thats boring.

*blinks innocently*
Hm... I think everyone should have an "orgasms"-tag. *nods* XD
it can be quite... entertaining... for a few seconds anyway

*ponders multiple orgasm-tags*
Unless it's faked, of course!

*ponders multiple orgasms* XD