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that way!


so I took my dear Doris (not Pebbles!) out to the nearby lake - Lake Kemnade, or whatever the english name is. It was fun, i saw the sun for like 20minutes (obviously, it's out again, now I'm home...-.-).

On my way back I arrived at the busstation 10 minutes after the bus. Which only came 'round every hour. So I thought, why not go to the next station.


If you don't know me, you might not know it, but this happens a lot. And it hardly ever works out. Though, when I'm in the right mood, I like taking longer walks.

Preferably not uphill, though.


So I took the wrong road and walked uphill for an hour.

Found another bus, though - which came after only 10 minutes. So yay.

have a map:

Blue marks the way around the lake I took to take some pics - until the sky was filled with clouds, and it really wasn't any fun anymore.
Green marks the direction, the bus takes.
Red is the way I took.

Oh, there also was no footpath on that road. only for the last 200m or sth. so yay for walking on a road, which surprisingly many cars. -.-

oh, also, if there's someone reading this who doesn't know it: therealbella is my photojournal, so if you wanna see the pics I took along the way, watch that account:D


not funny

there was a little crease in my sock... which you only notice, once it's too late, and it feels like your feet was split wide open

Das kann auch nur dir passieren!!! ^_^
learning curve: non-existant...therealbella, indeed ^^
Bwahaha, at least you're still breating on your own :D

Scene in THAT book:
Edward: Breathe Bella!! next sentence
I am breathing :D :D :D

or something like that *lol* :D
it was an awesome scene :D
I think I had that.. and I need to continue listening to it...
Yes, yes, you need to ^_^

ich bin jetzt ungefähr in der Mitte ... und... ich bin mir nicht sicher wo sie derzeit mit der Story hin will...
lol ich hab glaub ich nach nen dritter aufgegeben? bzw hatte dann den overload... weil ich ja alles am stück hatte
da hätt ich dann sicher auch zuviel gekriegt :D
nem drittel nicht nen dritter... wtf brain...zuviel bergsteigen
schon verstanden, keine sorge ^_^
ja, aber ich hatte das Bedürfnis mich zu berichtigen... mein Kopf is' grad sehr wirr