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Chick from Bates

realproof in oh_pblth


baby: *screams*
icy: *cheerful* oh, just die!
subtle: I love you.
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:D :D i love that we have tags.

*makes psycho theme sounds* EEEK! EEEK! EEEK! EEEK!
well, we could have more... I just couldn't think of more
:D well yes, but I meant i love that we have 3 tags already :D

Wheeeee interests!
yeeeees, we're clearly awesome. well, why wouldn't we be, as we're interested in awesomeness
why wouldn't we have tags?


*adds 'EEEK! EEEK! EEEK! EEEK!' as an interest*
:D :D i love that we have tags.

and... one of those tags is ME!!! :D
which is also an interest :D
that too, yes :D
well of course. you're also an interest! :D
Cerri already told me & I think that it's awesome :]
awwwwwwwwwwwwww :) *hugs also* :D

And hey, you're one of the very few people who have a slight chance of understanding anything that#s posted here - how could you not be a tag/interest :D

Seriously, that's a good point!! :D
btw. warum bist du nicht mehr im Icq?? :(
bin i8ch wieder, jetzt redet keiner mehr mit mir :D
wir mögen dich halt einfach nicht!!! :D
*schnief heul*
*kicks* ;P
That was a perfect normal reaction, yes!! ^_^
I'm not saying it wasn't - I'm saying it's worth posting about :D
Awww, that's cute *hugs* ;D
uh! we need to add cuteness and bunnies to our interests
Haha, yes, do that ^_^
I did.... anything else, we need?
not sure right now, but I'm certain we'll find more interesting interests for us ^-^