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Chick from Bates

realproof in oh_pblth

warren fucking ellis

Hello, minions. We still exist and we'd like to share this little conversation with you and are eagerly awaiting your input while slurping on our raspberry/possum-smoothies.

In respone to this twitter by the reveared Warren Ellis
warrenellis Dear Twitter: can you make it so, when I press the Block button, a relative or pet of the blocked person actually explodes? Thanks. - W

Cerri ‎(03:49):
I seriously wanna know what makes Warren block a person
I mean...
Sarcastic ‎(03:49):
a scary thought
Cerri ‎(03:49):
he's Warren Fucking Ellis he eats voles testis for breakfast dunked in babyblood
Sarcastic ‎(03:49):
Sarcastic ‎(03:50):
what would one do to get blocked by him
this is gonna bother me now
Cerri ‎(03:50):
insult his wife? or someone close to him? insult his cookery skills?
Sarcastic ‎(03:50):
I'm sure each would be an equally great offense
but seriously. it'd have to be sth fairly serious
Cerri ‎(03:51):
say that he needs to find jesus?
Sarcastic ‎(03:51):
I think he'd have to block a lot of people then
Cerri ‎(03:51):
which I dont think would get you a ban, rather than a goats skull in your mail
Sarcastic ‎(03:51):

Please, share your theories!


I'm still really scared by the idea. I'd say something like "organize public burnings of his books", but he's got to be used to things by that now. He needs to tell uuuuus.
you could ask him, but I think he'd ban you and kill one of your kitties in the process.
*hides kitties in case he somehow hears about this conversation*
maybe we should sacrifice a bull in his honour, to appease him.
We possibly should. Do you have a spare?
we shall go hunting at first light! it won't see us coming, we'd probably blend right in.
The Gelsenkirchener bull herds are doomed.
well, we only need one. or two, if we do it wrong. they'll recover.
Food point. And really, if my cats haven't made them extinct by now, one or two ritual sacrifices won't do much harm either.
your kitties eat bulls?
*pokes their bellies* They look like it at least. And I've seen the little one wrestle down a pigeon twice her size, so really.
somebody found a way to sing through Twitter
and what did they sing, you think?