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[m] Thor: Loki

subtle__sarcasm in oh_pblth


So, Ravenpuff.

Casting? Plot?



well RD Jr as the head of Ravenpuff-House named uhm...Horatio Fabdragon and teh Pattz as his headboy Spunk Ransom ...

Horatio Fabdragon clearly needs to be an interest also.

So who else should be in it? George Clooney?
yes. as somebody evil. Dano the Dane. He also has an odd (non-Danish) accent and a monocle.
Every villain should have a monocle. His accent could be french. But that#s too clichee. Bralizian?

hm... he could be from French-Guinea ... and everybody asks him, if he's from France, and he gets all huffy about it. and kills them. with bunnies. I'm not sure how that works exactly, but I feel the need for bunnies in the movie.
clearly there need to be bunnies. he could have trained, vicious doom bunnies that scratch people to death.
angora doom bunnies.
yes. he would do that.

clearly Horatio and Spunk need to stop him from taking over Ipswitch. As that's his ultimate goal. Mostly, because he likes the name
Well who doesn't like the name Ipswitch. It's awesome.
And must not be taken over by Dano and his bunnies.
So, who else is there? Ravenpuff needs more students.
I dunno. I don't know that many young fabulous people.


Russel should be in it y/y?

*ponders students more*

who? *ducks* Russell Tovey? if so, yes :D though he's not that young...

Now I want you to think long and hard which Russel I I could be talking about here.
I... don't... know?

but I think Jackson has to be in it... with non-blonde-hair

oh speaking of blondes: Mitch!
let me give you a hint: *sings* Insiiiiide of yoooooouuuuuuuu

Oooooh he absolutely does! And so does Mitch. Actually of of the Skins kids should show up sporadically!

but.. I thought students.. and he's old, too... you need to watch Ponderland btw

they should!
Well yes, I just thought he should be in it!
... I should watch what?

We also need David T and John Simm as Teachers. John B too, probably.
yes, with Noel

good idea ^^

and Stephen Fry as headmaster
Ah. It sounds interesting :D

Ooooh yes! Oh and Patrick Stewart should be in there somewhere cause he's still emo about not being asked to be in the actual Potters and I feel bad for him.
not ponderland mind, just meant he has to be in ravenpuff...

-> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Russell_Brand

ok... I think Patrick would make a good Butler for Dano ^^
Ah, right :D And yes, he should be.

Ahahahahaa poor Patrick. But yes he would :D


sorry, that's all I can think of.